Filmhunting Guides


First getting into film is kind of like saying, “I think I want to get into the music of Bob Dylan.” You decide to run a search and find out that since 1962 he’s released nearly 40 albums. Where do you begin? What’s the difference between Highway 61 Revisited and Love and Theft?


Knowing this, Filmhunting has put together a resource to serve as an onramp to film. Consider it a primer, focusing on various types of films from various years all with the common trait of being great films. They are arranged by Volume to help introduce you to films from each decade to help provide perspective and variety.


Click here to browse the films of Filmhunting Guide: Volume 1


If you find a particular era of film that perks your interest, the films in the guides as well as those posted to the website are also searchable by decade.