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Once a month the Filmhunting community watches a film together. It may not be at the same time of the month or in the same place. The goal is a community interested in enjoying quality films and thoughts together. Film is something that can be daunting to someone new to the medium so Filmhunting provides an easy onramp into the world while providing context in the form of the Filmhunting Guide, posted for each film at the beginning of the month. The guide is meant to serve as a guide for the community to only learn about the beautiful art of film, but also to begin the process of learning how to mine the deeper spiritual truths out of films. In these posts you will find general information on the importance of the film in the history of cinema, a brief review of the film, essays and questions to aid in the contemplation and viewing of the film and a cocktail pairing inspired by the film. The films are arranged in Volumes to provide a more structured approach, as well as decades for individuals looking for immersion in a particular era of film.

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